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From Cheesecakes to cookies, and everything in between, we have you covered! We have built our name around cheesecake but have more to offer! 

We only want to give our best! Every dessert is handcrafted to fit your needs and wants. Here at Cheesecake Wonders, we are serious about our desserts and the satisfaction of our customers. Our motto is, “There is happiness in every bite”, and we do our best to live up to that.



Tiana Mutts is a baker, personal trainer, and founder of Cheesecake Wonders, the Cincinnati-based brand known for its signature, cheesecakes-in-a-jar. Passionate about baking since she was 9 and believing everyone deserves to have good treats. With the pandemic in full force, Tiana found herself with lots of time to bake. She figured this was a good way to make some extra money. She started by making 30 jars which sold out in a day, then made 50 more jars that sold out in an hour. The next weekend, she made more and Cheesecake Wonders was born. 

Tiana is a Jersey girl who lives in Cincinnati, OH with her husband, a photographer/videographer who creates all of her visuals for her sweets. Tiana loves being in the kitchen; it’s her zone and where she gets to control what she creates. “People buy candles to make their homes smell good. I am happy to bring the smells of fresh baked goods to your home with my baking.”



Wow! My family loves Tiana's cakes so much. We never want to go any where else!


There is nothing you can get that you won't like! Cheesecake wonders is truly great.


I had a cheesecake made for my birthday. It was literally the best thing I have ever had in my life!

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