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Cookies and Cream!

Cookies & Cream has always been my absolute favorite treat. I love almost every dessert that it is involved in. So, once I learned how to make my own desserts, Cookies & Cream was in it someway, somehow.

This dessert is CLEARLY inspired by my love for Cookies & Cream! The inspiration behind the cake was sparked from the thought of “How can I make a dessert that is just Overloaded with my favorite treat?” TA-DA!!! The cookies & cream overload Cheesecake cake was born.

This cake has 3 layers! (Because obviously, 1 layer wouldn’t be enough to satisfy my Cookies & Cream cravings) There are 2 chocolate layers and the middle layer is, you guessed it, A COOKIES & CREAM CHEESECAKE! It is covered in my homemade cream cheese icing. The rest is pretty clear!

This cake is so delicious, you will want more than one slice!

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